Hi and thanks for visiting my website. My name is Michael Healey and I am a photographer, residing in Southern California. Although I enjoy all types of photography, my passion is photographing people. If you have viewed my work, you will see that, unlike some photographers, I work on each and every photo chosen as an individual creation rather than a “cookie cutter” approach. Every photo shoot is different and part of my job is to bring out your personality, using different and unique styles of image editing. I figure that if you take the time and expense to work with me, the very least I can do is deliver my best.
My cover page will give you an overall view of different categories, or you can click on "My Photographs" and select the category of your choice. Click on the slideshow button and I hope you enjoy your visit. Also if you would like to purchase any of my prints, just contact me by email and I will be glad to send you a price list. Just click on the email link below to send a message.

Note: If you have an upcoming photo shoot, or perhaps you're just considering a photo shoot, see my blog on "Do's and Don'ts on a Photo Shoot."

ps: By the way, you are welcome to sign my guest book and leave a comment.

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Michael Healey is a freelance photographer located in Southern California. He has over twenty five years of experience in diverse areas of photography which includes portraiture, fitness, artistic nudes, landscape and architecture.
"What started out as a mere hobby, quickly turned into a passion that allows me to express myself artistically."
Some of Michael's strengths include the artistic use of available light as well as studio lighting. He enjoys meeting people from all walks of life and has a comfortable manner that puts his subjects at ease.

Michael lives in Chatsworth, CA with his wife Penny and their dog Finn the Incorrigible.  When Michael's not working he enjoys the gym, dining out and wine tasting......not necessarily in that order!

Michael is available by appointment.
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Guestbook for Michael Healey Photography
Jessica Brougeille(non-registered)
Mike exceeded my expectations once again!. It is important for me to feel comfortable when I am in front of the fearful lens (Awkward photos are the worst!). Mike takes his time to explain the pose, make you smile and feel confident. All provided with the highest level of professionalism. The pictures came out amazing, we were blown away with his ability to capture every moment and detail. When the final product arrived, I was blown away by the perfectly- timed photos. He clearly has patience, knowledge and passion for photography. The photoshoot was a thoughtful gift from my friend, and Mike made it so special and fun. Two words of advice after working with Mike: “Hire him”- you will not regret it. I will definitely work with him again in the future.
Thanks Mike!
leslee waters(non-registered)
I asked Mike to do a huge favor ... a friend shoot, he told me sure , I explained a few group pics and each of us an individual look . The day of the shoot he surpassed my expectations and my friends. We had such an amazing time and he didn't stop clicking that camera. We left so excited and couldn't wait to see the images .. Mike brought my entire vision to life and my friends were so happy. He truly is magic behind the lens . he gives you confidence and sense of warmth , his direction is so easy to follow and he loves what you bring to the table .The photos were perfect and my friends and I are closer than before from our day. In a time of uncertainty this made for the perfect gift to last a lifetime . Thank you Mike for the awesome images , the special day and all the attention to detail ....
Teresa Kochel(non-registered)
Truly one of the most empowering experiences in my little corner of life! I had never done anything like this before and was feeling a little bit nervous and wondering if I really "deserved" to have photos of myself taken like this. (Thanks a lot instagram!)...Let me tell you, everyone needs to do this for themselves...and with Michael! He takes the time to explain everything PRIOR to the shoot...he arrives early and is ready to go at shoot time...there is no sitting around and waiting. He gave a lot of suggestions on how/where/what/etc I should do for the photos and also took in my ideas for collaboration. We had a blast. I felt strong, beautiful and sexy and I LOVE EVERY SINGLE photo he sent me! I look strong and determined; yet at the same time, soft and feminine. All the right mixes. He captured my personality and got some amazing photos that I will always cherish. I hope I can do it again so that these aren't my only "glory" photos to remember myself by in the future!!! ...and if you are considering Michael, you get so much more than I've seen with anyone else! It's not just showing up and taking photos. Anyone can do that. It's taking time to know you; being prepared; knowing ahead of time; taking all the time you need to feel comfortable...and then the editing! He nailed it all!
Dannielle Gonnoud(non-registered)
I don't think there are enough positive words to describe the photoshoot I had with Micheal. The amount of confidence he brings out is insane. This was my first ever photoshoot, and the results are incredible. He made me feel so comfortable and went at my pace and comfort level desired. He brought out a side of me that even I didn't know was possible. Michael, thank you from the bottom of my heart! Thank you for making me smile and laugh the entire time! Thank you for bringing out a level of confidence that's been dormant for so long. You truly are amazing! I'm beyond excited for future photoshoots with you!
Jessica Grossfeld(non-registered)
I had my first shoot with Michael and it was amazing! I would recommend him to anyone. He was extremely nice and friendly. He made me feel very comfortable and not rushed at all. And the photos are amazing! I am very pleased.
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